Wood Burned Pendants

I have added a new line a jewelry to InspireDesign. These necklaces are wood burned pendants on black ribbons. These necklaces prove to be very fashionable and unique. They are a nice 1 1/2 inches in size. So they are not tiny and not too big.

All of the art on them is my own. I dabbled in the art of wood burning as a teen but never thought I could make something wearable out of it. I am fairly new to this medium of art and am learning along the way. Each pendant is sealed with several layers of water resistant sealant after being wood burned. If you have an image in mind, that you do not see and would like, I would be happy to try to custom make one for you. Just email with a detailed request.


  1. Amy Warden said...

    I purchased one of these pendants and I LOVE it!!!