Something on My Shoulders

I think spring might finally be here to stay. I thought maybe so before but then we had a blizzard blow through. Now the rains have come and the days are warmer, the grass is greening, and the sunlight lingers a bit longer. These things are ways to know there is hope after winter. Many of us are ready the bring out the summer clothes, but there is still too much of a chill most days.

Then there are those of us who get a chill easier. I remember working in a nursing home for the elders as a house keeper. I would go into an elder's room to clean it and feel the blast of warm air when I was already hot because to them it was a little cool in the air conditioned hall. When they went to lunch they had to have "a little something on the shoulders" and would often comment on the temperature.

So for those who need a little something I make wraps or shawls. Even when it is warm outside these covers are needed by some. We probably all have someone in our family or neighborhood who would appreciate the thoughtfulness.