The other day I was explaining to someone what a junk journal was, and then she asked, "Who would buy them, as in who is your target audience?" Well in my opinion that's simple. So I listed off a few. I think she got it! She seemed to be genuinely interested.

I think anyone who writes in notebooks, journals, or even on notepads would enjoy using a junk journal. The only difference is the kinds of paper you would be writing on. Plus there are often pictures to add interest and inspiration.

It got me thinking, so I made a list of ways I use junk journals, or as I like to call them mixed paper journals, and added in some other possible uses as well. I was able to come up with 25 uses without even trying very hard.

  1. Prayers
  2. devotions
  3. recipes
  4. journaling
  5. bullet journal
  6. sermon or conference notes
  7. addresses
  8. planner
  9. art journal
  10. memory book
  11. guestbook
  12. poetry
  13. collect ephemera
  14. photo album
  15. ideas
  16. travel journal
  17. household information
  19. home decor
  20. gardening
  21. happy mail
  22. to dos
  23. baby book
  24. nature study
  25. natural remedies 

I am sure you could probably think of more. If so let me know in the comments.

Thrift Store Finds

I have been visiting some local thrift stores this week and want to share with you what I have found. First of all let me just tell you how much I love second hand shops. I love riffling through things looking for the perfect something that I didn't know I needed. Being a maker adds to the excitement I believe because I look at everything with the question "How can I use this?" in my mind. At thrift stores I see things that I wouldn't normally find in a store and my imagination takes off.

Now that I am back to making junk journals I look at everything and think how can I incorporate that. At thrift stores and garage sales it seems so much easier to me because those items have been discarded in a way and no longer have a set purpose any longer. The person that owned them no longer wishes to use them for their purpose. So they are up for grabs to do anything I choose.

I don't think there has ever been I time that I came out of a second hand store with nothing new to be creative with.

I made a video sharing the treasures I found.

Hope you enjoy!

There is a community garage sale coming up next weekend and I'll be sure to share what I find.

I am back!

I am back to making stuff. I took a break for a couple years. Well not completely, I could never stop being creative all together. For the most part though I did take a break. I tried my hand at other creative outlets and have come to the conclusion that paper is my biggest passion. Oh and books. Lots of books! All the books!

There is just something about books that thrills me. I love reading them, writing in them, painting in them, and even tearing them apart to make new ones. Yes, that's right. I am back to making junk journals, smashbooks, or whatever you want to call them.

I made one for myself after watching some youtube videos by Nik The Booksmith (she's amazing) and a few other really talented ladies, and have not been able to stop since. I loved the process of making the book as much if not more then the finished product.

 Here are some of the books I have made just since the beginning of the year.

I even made youtube videos sharing many of the books I've made. Some with explanation and some with just music as I flip through the book. You can see them here. I will be posting new videos soon and will post them here on the blog also as I do.

I don't k now why I ever quit making books, but I am back at it and have no plans to quit any time soon if ever. They are so fun and versatile. They can be used as glue books, photo albums, guestbooks, travel journals, baby books, or any other thing you can think of.

Let me know if you share my passion of books, and leave any comments or questions you might have. I would love to talk to you about books.