Thrift Store Finds

I have been visiting some local thrift stores this week and want to share with you what I have found. First of all let me just tell you how much I love second hand shops. I love riffling through things looking for the perfect something that I didn't know I needed. Being a maker adds to the excitement I believe because I look at everything with the question "How can I use this?" in my mind. At thrift stores I see things that I wouldn't normally find in a store and my imagination takes off.

Now that I am back to making junk journals I look at everything and think how can I incorporate that. At thrift stores and garage sales it seems so much easier to me because those items have been discarded in a way and no longer have a set purpose any longer. The person that owned them no longer wishes to use them for their purpose. So they are up for grabs to do anything I choose.

I don't think there has ever been I time that I came out of a second hand store with nothing new to be creative with.

I made a video sharing the treasures I found.

Hope you enjoy!

There is a community garage sale coming up next weekend and I'll be sure to share what I find.