Thrift Shopping

I will admit it. I love thrift shops! You might even say I am addicted.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shopping at a thrift shop I have never been to before. Way I waited so long to go there I will never know. The ladies that worked there (possibly even ran the place) were very kind and lovely. And the treasures to be found there were top notch. I found yarn to crochet with, good clean yarn, and then there was this little treasure.

Your probably thinking what is so great about that right? Wait for it. I had no idea what it was when I picked it up so to my amazement it was a crochet book. Not just any ol' crochet book but a complete book of crochet from 1949.

In my opinion that is a treasure! Crochet patterns from the ever so fabulous hat and gloves era.

It has instructions and patterns. Lots of patterns from hats to bedspreads. This made my day!

Then to top it off later in the evening my 7 year old daughter exclaimed to her friend who was over to play, "I know how to crochet." with pride. I have taught her to chain and now we are working on sc. We have decided that she is ready for her very own hooks and a project bag. She has started projects in the past but has not kept interest long enough to finish anything. Now she wants to make things not just crochet. My heart is overflowing. Ok so it doesn't take much to please me what can I say.

God bless you this day