A need

I am feeling inspired. Yay! It has been a while. So what have I been inspired to do. Well oddly enough I am not sure yet. I do however know that it will be something very artistic. I feel a need to journal, take pics again and collage and even paint. I may just make an artistic journal with all these things combined. Something similar to the sketchbook project but for my own enjoyment and yours of course. I am not sure yet but that sounds like a pretty good idea. I will be sure to blog about it when it is done or even during the process.

Don't get me wrong I am not going to stop crocheting because honestly I do not think that is possible. And crochet can be very artistic in itself. Which is why I generally do not make the same items repeatedly and usually do not use patterns. I just make what I am inspired to make be it a purse a scarf or a hat. Very few of my projects have been repeated and only when someone requests another like what has already been done. Now this may not be wise business sense which I will have to work on but it is more artistic that way. Don't you agree? Anyways this is how I feel about it.

Have a great day and be inspired to create art in whatever form you choose.