What Pleasure?

I heard something that struck me as very wise and even unbelievable. It was this. Giving in to and saying yes to sin is like saying that the sin itself whether it be an object or a situation or action can bring more pleasure and satisfaction than God. Wow that hit home to me. I have been in the midst of temptation and thought that it would bring me pleasure and joy even, but I did not think past the initial action itself to the consequences or to the effect it would have on me or those around me. If only I had.

James 1:14 & 15
But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.
Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.

What in this world as we know it could be more satisfying than the knowledge of salvation from eternal suffering? What can bring more pleasure than the peace of God? If only we could see past our current situation to the future that is beyond this present life. Would we be as concerned with physical pleasure or even comforts if we were to compare it to actual suffering, which is what is to come to those who do not choose to turn to Christ for salvation? What about those of us who have chosen Jesus as our Savior? Do we look past that temptation to the effects of its outcome in our lives? Sure we are not going to suffer in hell but what about the suffering we will have in our lives here on earth? The guilt of succumbing to that temptation and allowing that sin into our lives or the effects it has on our witness to those around us who are looking for us to do better and be stronger than they. What about the fact that the action could somehow lead unbelievers away from God and thus cause them to be damned? Their suffering would then be our responsibility, our fault. I am not saying that we are somehow supposed to be perfect because that is impossible. We all are sinners and no men is perfect, but keep in mind that your sin is going to have an effect on someone at some time even if you can not see it now. Just be careful is what I am saying. The saying look before you leap is right on the mark.

No amounts of pleasure in this world can compare to that in heaven. God created us so don’t you think He knows what will be most rewarding for us? I have tried to imagine what heaven could be like and I can’t even begin, but I do know that there is no pleasure in this world that can compare to it. We are programmed to know that there is more beyond this life, it is in us. That is why there are so many religions that speak of some sort of after life, but do you know of any that compare to the real after life that is taught in the Word of God. Who wants to come back to a world of sin? Now can you really fathom that after this there is nothing else, that this is all we have? I cannot and most cannot because we know deep down inside us that there has to be more. So keep looking ahead to what is to come next and let that guide you in the now.

Ok I thought I was done but then I remembered the real grabber from the thing I heard last night. Here it is, get this I heard it from a junior in high school. Can you believe the wisdom at such an early age? Sure he heard it from someone else but he also retained it and passed it on. If only I had done the same at that age. Retaining some bit of knowledge like that could have prevented the mistakes I made.
Until next time remember what is coming next