Poem Then and Now

Then and Now

Then I was lost

Without any real purpose

A person not sure of what lied ahead

Scared of the future

Strong in faith yet weak in reason

I knew I was saved

But not sure what to do next

I lived reckless knowing forgiveness

I did not understand my example

Could rescue or abandon

Could lead them home or leave them stranded

Selfish in salvation was I

I could not see past this present world

To the future of heaven

I was blinded by pleasure

Not knowing real satisfaction

Now I am focused

Knowing the future

Not of this temporary time

But of a present yet to come

Strengthened in reason

Sure of my purpose

Not in search of pleasure

But rather to please God

Knowing that I can withstand

Given the strength

To be different and not conformed

To make a stand instead of falter

Through me others can see

Hope in a surety

Not a weak being

Crushed by despair

I strive to give to others

Hope in forgiveness and reason to resist

Courage to be a new link in this chain

Leading to heaven

Marcia Harris