Crochet Baskets Uses

These baskets are a lot of fun and have so many uses. I have been thinking and realized that while many may think they are adorable they may not know what to use them for. Baskets are common but they usually get tossed soon after receiving them because you just don't have a place for them.

Well here are a few uses I thought of.

  • Catch all- a cute place to keep your keys and loose change that is attractive on your side table or kitchen counter.
  • Gift baskets- Give a cute gift in a functional basket.
  • Spruce up a potted house plant.
  • Bathroom decor- A great place for decorative soaps or lotions.
  • Organize your dining room table by placing salt, pepper and napkins.
  • Potpourri
So have fun with them. And let me know if you can think of any other uses.


  1. Heather said...

    Cute basket!