Business Card Booklet

Recently I read an article on Etsy's The Storque, a handmade blog, called 'Don't Order Another 1000 Business Cards'. It really got me thinking. I agree with most of the points made, but on the other hand I am a collector of business cards. It is completly compulsive.

In the comments someone suggested an 'etsy passport' which I think is a great idea but it does leave out those crafters who do not sell on etsy and they are just as important. So as I was thinking of my drawer with business cards hiding in it I got an idea. How hard would it be to make a passport of sorts with those cards.

Here is what I did.
-First I dug out all of my cards that I could find. I know some are missing but then that is why I am doing this.
-Punched holes in the cards in approximatly the same place.
-Jotted down a note of some sort on the back of each card to remind myself either what I bought from them, what they craft, where I picked up the card, or what interested me in the first place.
-Slipped them all on a book ring that I purchase at my local deptment store.
Now this book is simple and can still be thrown in a drawer, but at least you know where all your cards are and why you have them.