Scarves like crazy

So I obviously have not blogged in a little while. Why, you ask? Well I have been busy. Oh yeah and a little under the weather too. I had to go and start the season off right with a head cold. Needless to say it is hard to think when your head is pounding with a sinus headache.

But back to the busy part. I have a craft sale coming up on the 17th(yay! my first one) and I have been making scarves like crazy and more fabric covered pushpins. For a while I was making a scarf a day. I still need to make more stuff and get my table and displays ready. I love it! So join me at the craft sale if your local. It is Sat. the 17th from 10am-3pm at 1665 31st Rd. in Windom Ks. By handmade and get some shopping done for the holidays!