A Natural Trellis

I recently received a morning glory vine from my mother who had one growing places it shouldn't have. I was not sure where I would put it or what it would grow on. I considered a metal frame from a toddler bed that was no longer being used, but that seemed a waste because it could be used again by someone.

With that idea scratched I started looking around the house and yard sure that there was something I could use. Not finding anything I started cleaning up brush from the yard when it hit me. I could MAKE a trellis! Of course. Using the limbs I found in the yard and some wire(first I tried yarn, didn't work) I constructed a nice trellis perfect for my morning glory.The plant looks a little sickly in this pic because I just transplanted it. I do have bricks helping hold it up because I could not dig deep enough in the soil to get a good hold on it. The ground was very hard then. We had not had rain in a while. Someday I will get around to fixing that.

The vines are looking better now and have new growth on them so will soon be climbing that trellis. I can't wait!