May Madness Anyone?

Wow, what a busy month May turned out to be. On top of it being the last month of school and all the end of school activities I decided to move everything to a new etsy shop for a new name, and God blessed us with a larger home.

The move was a very quick, over the weekend from beginning to end, type of move. Which did not seem possible at first. Thank God for good friends who were willing to help. I did not really give myself time to pack or do anything in an organized way. Which is unusual for me. The last time I moved I spent days getting ready for the big day. Then of course that was a cross country type of move which is different. One day I knew we were moving and the next day we moved almost everything. Simple as that. The cleaning took longer than the move, but then that makes sense with four messy children.

So now we are getting settled in and loving the new space. Things are slowly getting added to my new shop. Yesterday I got my first sale in the crochethoughts shop! It feels so good to know that God is seeing us worthy of His blessings in so many ways. Thank you Lord!