Big Changes

Today I have decided to take a big leap and change some things. In the beginning I thought I might like a change of pace and named my Etsy shop InspireDesign. As much as I like this name it does not match my blog name and that has been bothering me for some time. Two names is too much.

Since my shop is predominantly crochet it only makes sense to put crochet in the name. So today I did it. I opened a new etsy shop named crochethoughts same as the blog. I am praying this will be a wise decision. This will be a process that will take a little time. I will keep InspireDesign open for a while so people can read my feedback for the sales I made there. Plus it will take a while to move everything to the new shop. All my new items will be loaded to the new shop. So expect some changes in names to as many of the outside links and social sites as I can change. I think this will be a good direction for my shop.