Got to get Organized

I have been putting this off for some time. I have parts of skeins left over after projects and a few whole skeins of specialty yarns, that I have not had the perfect use for, that are just piling up. This is a big storage container that has been getting fuller 'til now the lid just does not fit any more. Usually that is a good time to decide to organize right? When I absolutely have to.

Well the time has come so off to work I go. It sure is nice to have plenty of little helpers. Surprisingly they all wanted to help role balls of yarn with me. My baby was having trouble but she kept trying. I decided it would be easier to wrap it around pieces of cardboard instead of balls.

Plus I have to think of things to make out of it to use up the yarn. I do not throw yarn away unless it is a small piece, say under a foot, because I am sure I will find a use for it. So expect to start seeing small items and maybe even striped items coming to my shop soon. Have any great ideas for such a time as this be sure to pass them on to me.