Ahh Texture

I think the best thing about crochet has to be the texture you can make with different techniques. Once learned it can be applied to just about anything you make. A simple fpdc or bpdc action or the twisted stitches and viola you have texture in your item. I know I am stuck on it. Almost everything I make now has some sort of texture. Everything from purses to wraps and it really gives it a quality look I think. Not to mention the feel! I obviously love crochet already but the feel of texture in my crochet, ahh I love it. Here are some picures of my textures. Just imagine the possibilities.

So here is quick guide on how to get those textures. This guide is for those who already know the basics of crochet. These are done using fpdc (front post double crochet) and bpdc (back post double crochet).

Start with a row of dc.Insert hook into the front of your work under a dc, yo and pull through, finish the dc.
You have a fpdc.

To get a bpdc insert your hook into the back of your dc row under a dc, yo and pull through, finish the dc.
You have a bpdc.
If you crochet a whole row of fpdc or bpdc you will get a horizontal rib. Or you can alternate them and get a woven type pattern. Now your thinking how to get a vertical rib. It is done with the same stitches simply done in a pattern going up instead of across.
Here's how.
Make your fpdc around a fpdc each row across the right side of your work.

And make a bpdc around the fpdc each row across the wrong side of you work.
This is the backside of your work.

Well this is my guide. Hope it helped you. I know some of the pictures are a bit dark. It is difficult to photograph yourself crocheting. If you have more questions feel free to email me. If this helped you or at least got you interested in adding texture to your work let me know. Show me your textures!